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Call: "Magdeburg City"

PCN 36 F/C/W/T,
Helicopter without wheigt limit,
self-starting motorgliders, gliders und non self-starting motorgliders,
winch and airplane towing launch,
people parachutes and
ultra light aircrafts

Opening hours:

Summertime: Mo. - Fr.
Sat, Sun, Hol

07:00 am to 06:00 pm UTC / max.  SS + 30
07:00 am to 05:00 pm UTC / max.  SS + 30 
(other time PPR)

Wintertime: Mo. - Sun., Hol

08:00 am to 04:00 pm / SS + 30 UTC

(other time PPR)

Night operation: yes (restriction between 10:00 pm and 06:00 am local time)
Instrument operation: yes